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The Perfect Circle Gig

Back in the day, Ben managed some property and noticed that the main building was looking a bit shabby. He went looking for a painter to spruce things up. Believing in due diligence, he asked around for the best craftspeople and then collected representative samples of their best work. Looking through the impressive brochures, he came across a simple white sheet of paper with a perfect circle drawn upon it. Miffed but intrigued, Ben wondered at the undersell.

“His name is Gio,” said Ben’s admin (Ben was very important), “and when I asked him for a brochure, the idiot drew this circle—right in front of me—and insisted I give it to you.”

“Well, he’s our man,” said Ben. “Start a contract.”

“But, but,” sputtered the admin, “He just drew a circle. How does that get him the gig above all these other applicants?”

Ben nodded wisely. “Just think of the practice, skill, and experience it takes to draw a perfect circle freehand.”

The admin pushed back. “Ben, you don’t need paintings of circles. You need trees and churches, a mother and a baby, and a father watching over it all.”

“Don’t you see?” said Ben with a sigh, “If Gio can draw a perfect circle, then he can paint anything that our chapel at St. Peter’s needs for the glory of God.”

If you haven’t guessed by now, Ben is Pope Benedict XI and Gio is Giotto di Bondone, the most famous painter of 14th Century Italy. His deliverables can be seen all over the Vatican to this day. The admin is lost to history.

What’s your perfect circle?

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