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 Storytelling for ScientistsTM   


Workbook. Put ideas into action as you build the skills for effective storytelling. Learn the basic story models, practice writing exercises, and learn the basics of persuasive communication. As you build confidence, you'll create practical messaging to use immediately. 

Available on Amazon here.

Program. Extending the Workshop training, attendees will research their audience’s attitudes and perceptions, search out real non-fiction stories, and identify stakeholder traits. Then, using messaging pillars, a foundation story is created along with specific messaging for appropriate communication channels. Finally, a series of video conference calls will check on progress and accountability milestones.

Prices. As each offering is customized, costs will vary. However, a generalized price list is available here.


Call: 425-802-9818.


Let's talk! 


My Why. My personal mission is to champion storytelling and its power to change how people think, feel, and act because we all can make a difference.


About me. Based in Greater Seattle, Brad Cochrane is a TEDx Speaker Coach, Emmy-nominated TV Producer, and Aspiring Juggler. He’s written two books for business and will soon release his third, The Lazy Brain: Stop being too busy and get more done. He has a background in broadcast television, technical communications, copy-writing, and speaks to over sixty organizations a year across the U. S.

Ira Flatow, Host of Science Friday, once said of Brad’s writing, “Hey, that’s good stuff!”

The Scientific Method is under attack. Intractable attitudes. Active hostility. Public indifference. Yet, science matters and it’s incumbent upon individual scientists to take up the banner.


The truth is that data alone is no longer enough. If you tell someone a fact, you trigger two parts of their brain. If you tell them a story, you trigger seven. As someone who wants to influence others to adopt a new point of view, would you rather lead with a fact or a story?


Storytelling for ScientistsTM teaches the skill and art of changing public perception through non-fiction stories.

And it's a great way to bring your team together as they practice collaboration while sparking creativity. 


Keynote. In a lively one-hour presentation, attendees learn why stories are effective for influencing thoughts, beliefs, and action. It starts deep within the brain with the Theta Signature wave. This is real science, folks.


Workshop. It starts with a solid foundation. Attendees learn story construction, how to find great non-fiction stories, and tell their stories in an effective manner. 

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