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Hemingway and Me

So the story goes something like this: Earnest Hemingway made a bar bet that he could write a story using only six words. He collected his free drinks with the following Six Word Story.

For sale. Baby shoes. Never worn.

True or not, it makes a powerful point for writers not to over-write. Pick your words carefully, arrange them meticulously, and create meaning by implication. In writing copy especially, our inclination is to shoehorn in every detail, feature, and benefit of our product when in actuality less is more. Because the reader is forced to fill in the picture, we've activated our customer's brains and attained the Holy Grail of marketing today --engagement.

Writing a Six Word Story is difficult at first. No question. However, writing clear and concise copy sets us apart from the rest.

Are you ready? Start writing now.

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