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Brad Cochrane

The Story

First Speaker

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The Big Idea

Companies that use storytelling realize a 70% higher revenue growth rate than competitors who don’t.

                                    -Harvard Business Review

In business, the vital question is this:

Can anyone afford to ignore the power of stories?

Brad Cochrane, the Story First Speaker, reveals a unique approach to storytelling so that your event attendees can make more money.

Audiences love Brad

“He brought energy, he brought new ideas, and just helped you think about storytelling in a new way.”


-Emily Trickey

Allison + Partners

Programs & Price List

Are you a solopreneur? Do you work side-hustles? Are you self-employed by any other name?

If you're feeling overwhelmed by the day-to-day "must-do's" and trying to gain control over the "should-do's", then Your Six Hats -The Solopreneur Survival Guide will help you balance your business, structure your success, and relieve your stress. 

Guide and Workshop. Get the tools you need today.

Clients love Brad

“He always brings incredible energy. He’s an excellent speaker, he know his subject matter, he knows his audience, and he drew us in.”


-Yvonne Brandon

American Marketing Association-Puget Sound

Event Planners love Brad

“Your presentation was wonderful and as promised.”


-Sherry L. Rollo,

Licensing Executives Society

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